Rock VS. Rap?

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Rock VS. Rap? Empty Rock VS. Rap?

Post  Iceflower on Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:53 pm

Two types of music. Which one do you prefer?
I prefer Rock, all the way.
no offence to any rap lovesr or anything,but most of the songs are about.. *cough* bad stuff.. booze.. drugs.. and all that crud. But some rappish songs are ok in my view. But very few. One hip hop/rap song i like is right round. but thats all.
imo rock is more meaningful and the words actually make sense.
Poker face is okay but why repeat the line "Poker face" 100 times in the song?


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Rock VS. Rap? Empty Re: Rock VS. Rap?

Post  helma on Thu May 20, 2010 3:52 am


Rap sucks!!!!!The same beats, same message in each song.
About pimps, hos, big booties, and nice cars. It's horrible, and there's no craetivity.

ROCK encapsulates so many genres, it's unbelievable. From Led Zeppelin to Pearl Jam to AC/DC, there are so many great bands ands songs. And they actually play their instruments. Nothing coming straight from the studio. Rock takes talent and hard work. And the lyrics come straight from the soul, whether it's about being abused as a child, about stopping the war, or even about having a good time.

ROCK is everything. ROCK is life.
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