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Post  Iceflower on Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:27 pm

Not many people have Seekers roleplays, so i thought, why not create one on my forum? ^^

Just say which seekers character you'd like to be, and when we get all the characters, we will think of a plot.
Please only choose 1 character.

Ujurak (Shape-Shifting Bear) - Iceflower
Lusa (Black Bear) - Open
Kallik (Polar Bear) - Open
Toklo (Grizzly) - Open
Tobi (Grizzly) - Open
Taqqiq (Polar Bear) - Open

Things You Should Know:
This is a literate roleplay. Please learn how to roleplay literately before joining this RP, thanks.
Here is an example of literate roleplay:
literate roleplay: "Bob walked into Wal-Mart with a smile on his face. As he approached the toy section, he clutched a toy robot in his hands and smiled. He finally found his favorite toy!"
Non-literate roleplay: "bob walked in 2 walmart wit a smile on his face as he aproched the toy secsion he cluched a toy robot in his hands and smiled he finally found his fav toy."

Thanks! Have fun! Very Happy

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