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Post  Nikkiful on Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:46 am

~Chapter 1~

"Oh Petalsong he's beautiful!" Birdcry gasped, as she licked the queens last born kit. He was all black except for a white stripe starting at his forehead down to the start of his tail. Petalsong grabbed him and set him with his brother and sisters, "He looks almost like Stripestar, except he has green eyes." She looked at her kits, each one was named beautifully, Dazekit, the misty silver she-kit, Pinekit, the brown tom whose fur sort of goes in layers that make it look like pine cone sheathings, and Pouncekit, who had long legs that would later be used for running and pouncing. But this kit, had no name yet, she thought for a moment then a voice in her head told her the perfect name. "Whitekit......" she whispered, it was perfect. "Maybe his warrior name will be Whitestripe, or Whitestreak!" Birdcry said, a purr rumbling in her throat. Petalsong yawned, having kits was very tiring, she laid her head down in her nest and curled her tail around her kits. Birdcry silently slipped out and went to find Shadepaw.

~Chapter 2~

"Hey Whitepaw heads up!" called a small silver she-cat, she leapt up and tossed a mouse at him. "Got it!" he yowled as he grabbed it in his paw, suddenly Shadepaw, the medicine cat apprentice came over and cuffed them both over the ears, "Dazepaw, Whitepaw, you shouldn't play with your food, StarClan gave that mouse to us to keep us alive, you should give thanks, not play with it and ruin it" he growled. Dazepaw nodded, but then butted her brother and they both ran off into the forest. "Ugh, new apprentices are the worst thing to ever happen to us." Shadepaw growled, they had only been apprentices for a moon, and still hadn't trained very much. Its a wonder what their mentors had done with them, Volefur spent so many days over and over just patrolling the border. Suddenly, three cats came into the camp, one black, one white with a black tail, and a very dark orange. The black cat went into Stripestar's den, after a few moments he came out, and went down to see Birdcry and Twigfeather, the deputy. They both gasped and talked in hushed voices, then Twigfeather nodded and pushed her nose into Stripestar's fur. Birdcry bowed her head, obviously not wanting to speak to the leader. She sighed and went with two of the three cats, and Twigfeather leapt up onto the Tall Rock and called the Clan. Beside her sat the white cat with the black tail, Whitepaw padded back into camp with his sister and sat down with Pouncepaw and Pinepaw. "Cats of JayClan, three cats came to our camp today, of MoonClan. They told us that there was a risk of all of us dying if we didn't surrender our camp and territory to them, they outnumber us by many. Our leader Stripestar has gone to the MoonClan camp, Breezestar says that we will join our Clans together, into one clan named SnakeClan." she sighed. "Here today we have a MoonClan warrior, Frostbite, he and a few other warriors will be coming and staying in our camp, but today it's just him." Whitepaw snarled at the white tom beside Twigfeather, he was speaking and brushing his fur against her's. "Whitepaw, do you like Twigfeather?" Pouncepaw whispered, Whitepaw nodded and laid his ears back "I just don't think that tom should be getting so close to our deputy." he hissed. Twigfeather leapt down and padded over to Thymepelt, Weedwhisker, Snowfoot, and Whitepaw "I want you four to go to the MoonClan camp and stay there for a while, Whitepaw, be brave I know you can do this" she purred and licked the top of his head, he blushed and nodded.

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